TWI Summit Europe
 30 November – 1 December, 2016
Hamburg, Germany

Relate. Instruct. Improve.
Building a Lean Culture of Relentless Problem Solvers.


Training Within Industry (TWI)

The TWI Summit is a long-standing conference in North America, and through a partnership between Lean Frontiers, Business Through People, and, a new Summit will meet whatistwisummitEurope’s growing demand for this simple, yet powerful, workforce development program. Now the TWI Summit Europe will help countless companies to engage their workforce in meaningful ways, combining the best of lean, TWI, Kata, and other improvement methodologies.

Join the world’s leading improvement practitioners, authors, and coaches from manufacturing, banking, and service sectors.

Topics Covered at
TWI Summit Europe

– Training Within Industry
– Job Instruction, Job Methods, Job Relations
– Lean Thinking
– Lean Coaching
– Toyota Kata
– Lean Culture
– Lean Human Resources
– Employee Engagement
– Leader Standard Work




A Complex World Met with a Problem Solving Curelture

Organizations today face an increasingly complex and changing world. Those who succeed will be the ones who not only survive this new reality, but actually thrive in it.

How do you create a workforce agile enough to face any challenge? That’s the purpose of the TWI Summit Europe… to give you and your organization the strategy and skills to compete, to solve problems and all levels, and do so faster than your competition.

Join the world’s top thought leaders as you explore lean, agile thinking. Learn how to create a workforce of relentless problem solvers. Create a culture that thrives in the unclear territory between current and future states. Learn from individuals and organizations who have achieved various levels of success in this journey of improvement.